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Finding the Right Tax Preparation Services

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Tax season has to be the most stressful of seasons every single year. The pressure, the demands, and the frenzy that comes along with this season is like last minute Christmas shopping san the cheer, celebration, and fun. We can easily assume no one likes the tax season and all that it entails – especially tax preparation.

It becomes a more difficult and frustrating situation when something goes wrong with your tax filing. A single mistake could possibly cost you more of your time and worse, MONEY. And these mistakes are not uncommon.

Many small businesses and individuals have turned to commercial tax preparation service companies for help. They pass the filing burdens to the tax preparers not only to relieve themselves from the stress of filing taxes but also to ensure more accurate filings. This works especially well for home-based businesses that do not have the extra manpower to run the business while going through the nitty-gritty of the tax season.

The thing is, like many third-party service providers, there will always be bad ones among the lot. Instead of providing help, these bad and unreliable service companies deliver problems and costly mistakes.

Tax Preparation

How to Find Reliable Tax Preparation Service Companies

Here are some tips on how to ensure that you are entrusting your tax filing needs to the right professionals:

  • Always find tax preparers with a preparer tax identification number. This ensures that they are registered and allowed to do the tax filing on your behalf.
  • Look for preparation companies that have CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled tax agents on staff. Should things go wrong or if you need to make appeals before the IRS, you would not have to find someone else to represent you. Plus, it adds a vote of confidence that they are legitimate tax professionals.
  • Do not bite the ‘larger refunds’ bait! Many tax preparation companies try to lure business owners and individuals into thinking they can work their way around the IRS policies in return for larger refunds. But the IRS is not an organization you mess around with. This shady ‘larger refunds’ scheme is more like an invitation for a ‘large and costly penalty’.
  • Avoid preparation services that charge you based on your refunds. They are likely to mess around with your returns and put you at risk of being penalized.
  • Make sure that your preparer is willing to sign the tax documents that s/he prepared on your behalf. Should things go wrong with your tax documents and refunds, you’ll know that you won’t be facing the IRS alone and someone can actually explain how things ended up the way they did.

Aside from hiring the right tax preparation services company, it is of equal importance that you make some necessary preparations yourself. Giving the right numbers and names – especially if there have been recent name changes between the last tax season and the new one – can make a world of difference for a smooth-sailing and accurate tax filing.

With the help of the right tax preparer and committed cooperation from your business, you can survive tax season!

At Class Advisors, we provide the right tax preparation services you are looking for. Submit your request for a free online consultation today or call us at (619) 282-7126.

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