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Individual Tax Preparation

Serving all of Individuals

The tax preparation process is always challenging and time consuming for individuals wishing to file their individual tax returns. Since you cannot afford to make errors when preparing for your tax returns, the IRS recommends that you contact Individual Tax Professionals who are more adept with the tax preparation process.


At Class Advisors, we are dedicated to offering high-quality services in terms of tax preparation to all of our clients. Our expertise in Individual tax preparation will ensure that you get maximum returns through our knowledge of tax code and tax planning strategies. We work with our clients throughout the year and preach an open door so that we can client understand each tax impact before implementation, therefore increasing potential tax savings.


Roughly 60% of taxpayers have their tax returns professionally prepared. This yearly chore has become so complicated that the IRS lists two dozen common errors people make when submitting their individual tax returns. These errors range from either failing to check the appropriate exemption boxes that will save one from paying more to writing illegibly which may cause processing errors. Our firm will offer you reasonable pricing to assure that your tax return is filed accurately and in timely manner.


Common Tax Return Mistakes

The most common mistakes individuals make during the individual tax preparation process are:


  • Excluding brackets around negative returns.
  • Checking more than one filing status.
  • Missing 1099-R forms.
  • Incorrect mailing address to the IRS
  • Math errors when adding or subtracting.
  • Writing numbers on the wrong line.


Why attempt to do all the stuff by yourself and risk making mistakes when we all know that all mistakes have the potential to delay processing and risk incurring penalties? Some mistakes are avoidable by using tax preparation software; however, automating the process also makes it easier to rush through and skip over important deductions. In addition, many taxpayers are tempted to claim deductions they should be eligible for, while lacking proper evidence should an audit occur. Although tax preparation software is convenient, it’s a toss-up. A real person will guide you through sticky situations, especially situations that are avoidable.


We are very experienced in this area and you can count on us to help you achieve your personal financial goals. You do not have to put unnecessary stress on yourself with this cumbersome process. We’ll give you a peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on other things as we deal with you individual tax issues.


If you’re expecting a tax refund, waiting days or weeks longer than necessary is difficult. Even if a refund is out of the question, completing the return and setting up a payment plan can be a reason to worry. To maximize your return and minimize the odds of being audited, consider the stress-free route of letting a professional handle your taxes.


Do not wait until you are penalized for a mistake. Take the initiative now! Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you with your individual tax preparation process. It will be a decision that you’ll never regret!